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Fund Market is one of the best mortgage brokers for home loans and mortgages.

Here at Fund Market, we work with everyday New Zealanders to simplify the home loan process and save you time, money, and stress. As an expert, we ensure that why your residential or company mortgage is correct for you.


Fund Market has been in business as your local

Taking the first step towards your first home buying process is as crucial as it gets in one’s life. Our financial advisers have a passion for helping people with dreams to their first home. We help you from the beginning till the end. We would answer most questions one would have regarding the first home buying process.

Fund Market professional Mortgage experts are well known for pretty much all situations a first home buyer could be in Fund Market is your local mortgage expert.

Refinance Mortgage has become an integral part of our housing system in New Zealand. We can help you to achieve your refinance goal. This could be one or all of the following:

  • Better interest rate
  • Fixed-rate term ending
  • Access to more funds
  • Debt consolidation
  • Better customer services

At the Mortgage Advisors, we deal with a range of major and secondary lenders which gives our clients an opportunity to achieve their financial goals.

Building your dream home from scratch could be very challenging and indeed rewarding as well. At the Mortgage Advisors, you will get guidance on all that you need to start the mortgage application process and we would help you finish your dream project. Also, note that all lenders have different criteria to be met for land and construction loans. A few things that you should keep in mind when looking to start the process.

  • Boundaries, zonings access
  • The planned use of land
  • Land loan options

If you are looking to build your rental investment portfolio then you are at the right place. You’ll find our services very accessible when needed. And indeed, we will find you the best options available in the market, without you having to ring multiple banks and enquiring rates and negotiating. Feel free to make an appointment with our expert local adviser for a free no-obligation chat. You will find our customer services one of the best out of all major mortgage brokers.

Getting a mortgage could be a mission when you are self-employed. If your books show the profit and your affordability meets the lending criteria of lenders then you have a very good chance of approval. However, in this situation, the most difficult decision is to decide which lender to go for, here is when you need the Mortgage Advisors to ensure you are in safe hands for approval rather than getting few declined applications from unsuitable lenders. Give us a call now to book free obligation financial advice from our expert mortgage broker.


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Home Loan

The right destination for mortgage loans, investment loans for a property, and finance for building a property.

First Home Buyer

Financial advisors at Fund Market are experts in handling all situations of first home buyers.

Home Loan

The right destination for mortgage loans, investment loans for a property, and finance for building a property.

Fund Market means Trust

Selling something without a client’s interest is beyond our ethics. We always earn a reputation by giving the match between you and property mortgage. Fund Market also helps you obtain a home loan, or a property investment loan to support your lifestyle and financial goals.

Commitment is more than anything to us because it helps us grow more and get more referrals. We survive proudly because we gain the trust and confidence of our clients. We have one of the best 

Our endless service satisfies the best mortgage broker that reduces the community and bank personnel gap.

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